Rabu, Juni 29, 2016

Rabu, Juni 29, 2016

Re-post from FB The Bike Shed :

The sun decided not to shine for the first round of Sultans of Sprint at Wheels and Waves a few weeks ago and the race was cancelled.

Thankfully the clouds parted during the Cafe Racer Festival at the infamous Monthlery circuit and Marc Holstein Photography was on hand to capture the mechanical thunder.

The rules for Sultans of Sprint are simple - build a custom motorcycle with an air/oil cooled engine no bigger than 1400cc, then hammer it down a 1/4 drag strip as fast as possible.

The Lucky Cat Garage has taken the spoils in European drag racing for the last few years but now the challengers have upped their game Seb's Sprint Beemer will have to fight hard to get the cream.

Next round, Glemseck 101 2-4 September 2016.


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