Rabu, Oktober 12, 2016

Rabu, Oktober 12, 2016

☑ 1992 Honda CBR Fireblade

The original FireBlade. 893cc, 16-inch front wheel and ultra-cool NSR-style drilled-holes in the fairing. List price, £7,390.

☑ 1994 Honda CBR Fireblade

The model that gave birth to one of the coolest paintjobs of all time: Urban Tiger. The 'Blade lost the twin round headlights and gained the Foxeyes. List price, £8195

☑ 1996 Honda CBR Fireblade

A hike in capacity for the 95/96 model, up to 918cc. List price up too, to £9265

☑ 1998 - CBR900RR-W, X

With the R1 on the scene, the 'Blade faced stiff competition. Honda didn't change it much and the press started to tease it. It became known as a Sports Tourer.

☑ 2000 CBR Honda Fireblade

A step up to 929cc and the much needed 17" front wheel. The RRY sported a new frame and exotic-for-the-time titanium exhaust headers. It was 9kg lighter and a great comeback but still short of the R1.

☑ 2002 Honda CBR Fireblade

This time Honda were serious. Another capacity hike to 954cc. It was lighter than the CBR600 and produced close to 150bhp. Still seen by many as the best 'Blade.

☑ 2006 CBR Honda Fireblade

Firmer, smaller and more powerful. The first CBR1000RR was a potent machine. The press kit is littered with references to MotoGP, from the swinging arm and radial brakes to the mass-centralised underseat exhaust.

☑ 2008 Fireblade Honda CBR

Supremely quick, capable and more usable than the model it replaced. It featured a slipper clutch and a 13,000rpm redline. Launch model came in this deep red which did nothing for the 'race bike for the road' feeling. The Fireblade had grown up

☑ 2012 Honda CBR Fireblade

Honda launched the 2012 Fireblade with a few small but important tweaks. The blunt nose from the 2008 model had been sharpened up, the 12-spoke wheels looked like trick lightweight options, while the front-end now featured Showa Big Piston Forks and Combined ABS. A weapon! Priced at £11,300 without ABS.

☑ 2014

The first ever special edition Fireblade. The CBR1000RR-SP features Öhlins front and rear suspension, a slipper clutch, Brembo monobloc brakes, a blueprinted engine and Honda's updated C-ABS. Supremely capable, that HRC sticker on the fairing has real meaning.

Is it the last Fireblade before Honda launch their new V4? We'll soon find out.

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